Does a Halion 6 update include HalionSonic 3?

Sorry if this was already discussed elsewhere but I could not find a clear answer:

I have Halion 5 and Halionsonic 2. If I buy the update to Halion 6, will that include the update from HalionSonic 2 to 3?



Yes, HALion Sonic 3 is fully included in HALion 6. If you have separate licenses for H5 and HS2, only the H5 license will be transformed into a H6 license though.

How do I get a separate licsense back for sonic 3 ?
Lik I had for halion 5 and sonic 2 before the upgrade


if you had separate licenses for HS2 and H5 and buy the update from H5 to H6 the HS2 license will remain.

Well I had a separate licence for H5 and hs2 after I upgraded t H6, it upgraded hs2 to HS3 and combined both
License a H6 single license…
So how do I get my seperat HS3 license or get my hs2 back , I find no help in support


Ok…This is very confusing.

Which licenses did you have initially?

Which update did you buy?

Which licenses are now on your eLicenser?

Are you sure that you are not mixing up licenses and installed plugins? The HALion 6 installer will replace HALion Sonic 2 on your system, but no update will combine 2 separate licenses into one. That is just not possible.

Good afternoon
I had a license for H5 and a license for hs2 .
I bought the halion 6 upgrade after upgrade the only license I have now is Halion 6

I would be happy just to have the hs2 license back and I would purchase the halion sonic 3 upgrade just to fix all of this
Thank you

No doubt I am confused trying to figure all of this out. lol :smiley:
Would it be possible to purchase h3s at a reduced price, I would just like to be done

Yes I was confused
Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve got straightened out


Hi I am confused with this myself…

After upgrading twice, i now only have one absolute 3 license for my halions.

But when i go to download absolute 3, it only provides “halion-full”.

Is halion sonic included in halion 6 download?

Or can i download the halion sonic 3 that is listed separately in the download assistant, and my Absolute 3 license will allow it to work?

Don’t really want to download and waste 28gb of data if it won’t work so thought i’d better ask.


The Halion 6 installer includes the Halion Sonic 3 plugin.

Nearly all of the Halion 6 content is technically content from Halion Sonic 3 that can be loaded by Halion 6.

Thanks for that… I am low on space right now and apparently steinberg data has to be installed on the main drive, so I downloaded just halion sonic to save a couple of gigabyte and it works perfectly with the absolute 3 license.

Still my favourite VI of all time overall cause it just covers absolutely everything sound wise.