Does a logical quick control editor could seduce you ?

In a thread somewhere in the forum i’ve found nice suggestions about CC & automation parameters configuration enhancement.

I like the way Cubase handle some stuff, like the project logical editor, the midi logical editor, those are unique and very powerfull features only found in Steinberg products.

So i’m wondering myself, why not apply this concept to a complex controller editor.

You keep the actual quick controls, then add a logical control editor, within you’ll be able to assign one or more destination(s) for the control, decide if the control will offset the value of the controlled parameter, or fix it raw, within a range, curve mapping, boolean operators, some high IQ Engineering things :slight_smile:. Don’t have to reinvent the wheel, the actual logical editors are good starting point :slight_smile:

Imagine that, you have 2 track frequency colliding… you assign a unique button to both tracks frequency EQ parameter, and another control to add gain in one track while reducing gain in the other track, or eventually reduce the the gain of other track’s EQs… wouldn’t that a thing anyone want ? :slight_smile: