Does a project have to have an MA frame?

I am creating a band method using only Dorico. I have managed to create the pages required with great success. However, there are many unwanted pages at the end of my project because of the MA frame chain that appears to be mandatory. Am I misunderstanding something or is this an insolvable issue in Dorico?

Even an MA frame chain should be controllable via the way one designs one’s flows and custom page templates. I’m not sure why one would end up with unwanted pages beyond the end of one’s intended document.

I think that ultimately we will need to see at least a sample Dorico document displaying the problem you are facing.

The problem is not the MA music frame. You have page overrides (check the red triangles in the pages panel). Right click and remove them, and the unwanted pages should show themselves out.

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Every page has adjustments to the layout in order to produce parts as required.

Kodaly Band Method Page 1.dorico (3.4 MB)

File is attached as it is so hard to explain. This is absolutely not a standard notation project and probably pushes Dorico to its limits in some ways.

The easiest way to fix this is to double click on the Default Page Template in the right panel of Engrave mode, to open it in the Page Template Editor, then select the MA music frame on the left page and delete it, then select the MA music frame on the right page and delete it. Then Apply and Close.

YES!!! Thank you. Makes sense, yet it never occurred to me. Thanks you.