Does anybody have a solution for XML from Logic?

Or am I forced to use midi because of “Error opening file: invalid format”?

Can you zip up and attach the MusicXML file you’re getting from Logic so we can take a look? (1.27 KB)
I’m getting this on any xml-file from Logic 9.1.8, this is one.

This isn’t actually a MusicXML file. It looks like it’s a representation of the logic project’s audio tracks in XML.

In order to export MusicXML from Logic, you have to enable the score window (which is one of the “advanced” options activated in the app’s preferences), and then choose the option to export MusicXML – it is named as such in the menus.

I’m sorry to bother you with this but I am opening the score window and the score preferences without finding anything other than the main menu’s Export/Project to Final Cut Pro/XML which gives me the unusable xml-file. I’ll appreciate if you can guide me further.

Choose File > Export > Score as MusicXML from Logic’s menus. As far as I can see, the Score editor must be visible and active in your Logic project for this menu item to be available. If you can’t find the score editor in Logic, go to Preferences, choose the Advanced page, switch on the ‘Show Advanced Tools’ checkbox, then switch on the ‘Score’ checkbox that will appear below.

It’s just not there. I have the score window open, there is only Project to Final Cut Pro/XML under Export (see pic) and no Advanced page. I’m on Logic 9.1.8

Looks like your version of Logic is too old, and doesn’t have the MusicXML feature. It was added only in Logic Pro X, around version 10.1 I believe.

Oh, that explains it. Unfortunately as I never wanted to go to X because I started using Sibelius I might be stuck with lots and lots of files not possible to work further on. Do you think it means I have to upgrade to X just to transfer files?

It’s either that, or use MIDI.

Yes, of course. Thanks for your time Daniel.