Does anybody have Waves 9x64 working in Wavelabx64?

From another topic, there have been a few users say they are having problems with Waves 9 64 in Wavelab 64. On my system, Wavelab scans and recognizes the Waves plugs on startup, just fine. But invoking any of them causes a serious crash. Must then use Task Manager to halt the process in order to complete the shutdown, as even the close command stops working. Like others, I’ve found the Wave 9 plugs to work in Cubase.

Just curious if this configuration is working for anyone.

After some experimentation, I’ve got it to work for me.
I have a Matrox M9148 quad head graphics card and I had to switch from their WDDM to the XDDM driver in order for Waves plugins to behave. Unfortunately, Waves relies heavily on the graphics card drivers and it seems to be a hit-or-miss situation with v9.

updating video driver worked for me

it’s good now

Re: Waves V9 x64 crashes WL7 x64

Is WL-7 64-bit?

I thought it was only 32-bit.

From the 7.2 update onwards (which can be installed from scratch, as usual) both 32-bit and 64-bit installs are included. In Windows it asks which install you want to do (and then you repeat it if you want the other as well); I’ve no idea about how it works on the Mac, though.


Thanks Paul - I really must pay more attention.

V9 is the 1st 64-bit version of Waves. - pretty big deal to those chompin’ at the bit for a 64-bit DAW for well over 2 years. :unamused: Yes, Win7 x64 RTM’d in July 2009 - at least Nuendo was there (and Wavelab beat most to the punch as well) , ready and waiting, even if most of the rest were bringing up the rear. :blush:

I’m having problems. I just updated to Waves V9 64-bit and it works fine with Cubase 6.0.6 in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode and with Wavelab 7.2.1 build 600 32-bit. The only one of the 4 combinations where there is a problem is running WaveLab 7 in 64-bit. It still sees all of the Waves plugin’s but won’t load them. It gives me the following warning…

"A serious error has occurred inside the plug-in ‘insert plug-in name here’, WaveLab could control it, but it would be best to save your work and restart Wavelab." :question:

Kinda sucks to say the least. I’ve submitted a problem ticket to Waves asking for help so we’ll see what they have to say about it.

You must update your video card drivers.

Yeah, Waves told me the same thing. Just got it done and it works perfectly. I guess I had a hard time connecting the video card driver with something a problem like this. Heck, I’ve been working with computer hardware since the late 70’s; beginning with the mammoth 14" hard disks that held something like 1MB and you’d think I’d know more… Sheesh, this technology has just blown right by me.

Thanks for the advice,