does anybody know where my BAK files have gone please?

I’ve just finished a clean re install of W7 and C7.0.6 and having a lot of probs getting a project to load and have noticed that my BAK files look different…ie they usually have an image within the small BAK window icon but the icon is empty…could this cause my projects not to load and why is Cubase or windows not regonising them?
any help much apreciated…this is driving me nuts…thought a clean re install would make this perfect…


BTW my projects were backed up in 3 different places and all the BAK files icon’s are empty.

My bak files are in my project folder and don’t have a specific icon. What happens if you load the bak file in Cubase? Do they work? Then don’t worry - icons are just eyecandy.

Hi…at the moment nothing works in Cubase 7…6 or 5, ever since a clean install of W7 so can’t even try, just thaought that I’d never seen the BAK files looking as they do so maybe that was the problem…Kevin

no indeed, a BAK-file isn’t associated with Cubase, so in ex. Win it will have a default-blank icon, and you have to for example rename it to .cpr, or open it via Cubase itself, Ctrl+O :wink:

I hear what your saying but being the computer idiot that I am I’m not sure I follow…had Cubase for a long time now and have never seen the BAK files looking blank so seems reasonable to think something is wrong, particularly considering that nothing else works…Cubase will not open any projects…just suddenly after a new install…I’m still reeling from the shock and disbelief at whats happening…

dude, I read your posts on other forums too,
do you want me to teamview you later, see if I can help or anything?

I’m just in the middle of reinstalling everything again after a re-re install of W7…and am hoping that it gets sorted this way…if it doesn’t Ill be in touch and thanks for the offer…best, Kevin

so just finished the second re install and everything works !!! thank #$$#%#@…so relieved, wish I new what was wrong with the first install…wether it was Windows or Cubase at fault…thanks for the help, Kevin

Great news! I was following your case in various topics.

indeed - actually, to be honest, I’m so paranoid about reinstalls and such a geek, I’ve actually installed OSes on two other hard drives, and I restage them in regular pace, to practice fast/full functional reinstalling :smiley:
and tbh everytime something minor does go wrong, like a driver that needs to be installed a second time or a plugin or two that don’t get scanned from the first time.
that’s why I also switched/migrated to x64-VST-almost-only-Steinberg-plugins

thanks for your interest makumbaria…

Hi antonis…your on another planet regarding your understanding of computers and suchlike (compared to me ) I can only say that the re install was worth it (notwithstanding the weird stuff that happened) because everything is fixed and so much faster…reckon my system was bit glued up…regards, Kevin