Does anybody own XPhraze and can identify these?

This is a long-defunct VST by Steinberg/Wizoo.

There are a few sounds from this game’s soundtrack that I’m really interested in, and seeing as XPhraze originally came out in 2003, I thought it might be possible the composer’s used it. Anybody know if these are presets from it?

The up and down synth xylophone sequence

The lfo gated synth at the intro

If not XPhraze, anybody have any idea what synth would’ve produced these results from that era?

If nobody owns XPhraze, are there at least archives of the synth’s MP3 demos? I can’t find any good demos of the synth online, and everything on the Wayback Machine was not archived.

I don’t think these are stock Xphraze presets, but it was certainly capable of producing extremely similar patterns.

The modern equivalent to Xphraze is Halion 6’s FlexPhraser, which for the most part is more flexible. Most of the samples included in Xphraze were the same as Hypersonic 1, and most of Hypersonic 1 sounds were also included in Halion 3.

If you own Halion 6, you can load the Halion 3 presets by requesting an add-on Halion 5 license, or by buying Absolute 3 which will be on sale until tomorrow. Halion 6 also includes most of the best sounds from Hypersonic 2 in higher quality out of the box. They have more samples, more velocity layers, and more articulations.

Cubase includes some loops made with Xphrazer, which are used by LoopMash. Press F5 to open the MediaBay and type “Xphrazer” to find them.

Hi , is there any way , to drop Xphraze tone samples , in to Halion 6 ?? so i can get stock Xphraze , to be used in 64 bit Cubase pro 9.5 ? I have absolute 3 too now… thanks ws…

Sorry, not possible.

Ok , thanks ws