Does anyone else have issues playing loops? (video included)

I have been having this Issue since cubase 6… I never mentioned it before as i was certian many other people must be having the same issue and surely it had been reported already… but now were onto version 6.03 and the issue still happens… im starting to wonder if the issue is with me only?

here is a video to explain what happens… basically if you play the loop on its own… no problem
but if you enable sync to project… it stutters… stops playing plays in low quality… and sometimes stops completly…
check the video to see what i mean

Just me then?

Yes, I do. Usually if it stops playing I have to restart start the track from wherever which gets the file playing again.

The problem I have is that nothing plays in time with the project. Its a massive let down as to me the media bay or loop browser is of no use if you cannot preview anything in time with the project and is what I love about Propellerheads Reason. I hate having to rewire reason with Cubase just to get this type of function! and sometimes that doesn’t work properly and cuts out just the same; its like a sync issue or something.

Also I can’t be bothered with Groove agent one as you cannot preview loops like you can with the DR Rex within reason. I just wish Steinberg could include simple functions like this within their £500 software!

I’m just wondering why this hasn’t been fixed yet as it has happened in all the previous versions since Cubase 4?

here…sometimes when u look hard enough…the obvious approaches

what you have is your track playing in sync, but NOT with Sync to Project…ultimately what your settings are indicating is to play the Loop ONCE…If you are previewing a loop section of ur track which is BIGGER than the L/R Locators then you will get silence…

in laymans terms…1 bar audio loop previewing in a 8 bar Section, you will get 7 bars of silence.

Simple Fix my friend…click the sync to Project icon at the far left of the preview player. (the 3rd icon)
then the Loop WILL LOOP to the length of your actual L/R Locators. :laughing:

And to Tones…ALL the feature you ever could wish for are INCLUDED in this 500$ software, what you have to do is “Study”…the only thing currently you cant do atm is preview RX2 files in sync…but most people nowadays use Stylus RMX…or a freebie for your needs is UVI workstation…(best REX manipulation tool on the market atm, next to Sylus, and its free…so now u have no gripes fella! :smiley:

actually no thats not what is happening as the loop and the l/r are exactly the same length, also did you not hear the distortion?

I have Vengeance essential clubsounds m8, I can guarantee that your over loading your outputs by having your gain structure setup all wrong…If you have to have your preview volume up at 80% on those samples, there is something wrong.

Click the 3 icon above the preview player, and LEAVE it on when previewing your samples, if you dont the problems you are facing will happen.! Your sample will only preview ONCE! then go silent!. :wink:

just to reaffirm, in your video, you have your preview player volume at almost full…Incorrect m8, if you have to have the slider at that level, for any sample, and teh samples we are talking about is definately at approx -12 RMS you have your gain structure all wrong!..Turn Up your AMP/speaker combo , dont roast your outputs!. :wink:

Have all 3 icons illuminated when previewing samples, in your video you only have 2! its easy done tiger! :laughing:

Yes, I already using UVI workstation :smiley: But why should I have to? Its a good job its free isn’t it? If there’s a feature within the program to do something, I expect it to work properly. Are you missing my point?

I would like to use the Media bay/ loop browser etc as it seems like a great feature if it was to work :mrgreen: , it doesn’t playback WAV or REX files in sync with the project, Steinberg help :slight_smile:

your just insulting me now… i have been producing for 8 years i’m not a complete idiot. the ‘distortion’ has absolutely nothing to do with the gain staging etc, regardless of how i have the volume set on the preview, I just turned it up to make the video. the samples are breaking up over time and coming in and out, this ONLY happens when locking the tempo to the project, and it happens completely randomly for me. this issue did NOT happen in cubase 5, it was introduced (for me) in cubase 6.

Again Yes it does! ( just Not Rex files) If you spend sometime here, you will find out the nuances of C6, your colleague seems to be having teh same “issues” but they are user related…Do not expect to be able to pick on cubase,until your sure it isnt “user input” at fault.

Rex files Im sure will eventually be implemeted properly, I have also moaned my arse of for this feature.UNTIL I advocated Every man & his dog to use UVI…for MANY MANY reasons , that will beat Cubase and every other piece of software in what you can really do with a RX2 file. besides previewing!..It takes a learning curve of months, sometimes years to explore possibilities concerning Music production, but only 30 secs to slam Cubase on a forum.

Wavs play fine in cubase…Use UVI and find the joys of completely mangling a Rex! :mrgreen:
easy tiger! :smiley:

Xtigma apologies if yu think Im insulting you…I am going with what I saw on your video…and for whatever reason, I really didnt follow what you were doing in the vid, I only heard you stopping & starting the play button, but I heard no distortion??..I was presuming any distorion u heard was because of the volume slider being full.

Are u using the control room?

Do you have your Master outputs connected ?

no i’m not using control room, its also not distortion it’s kind of weird. its almost like a bad timestretch… it’s fine i’ll just live with it… i’ll just preview the loops in their normal tempo

I had probs like this in C5, then after a few updates and a complete reformat, they disappeared?..

Id look towards an erroneous install, and also update your C++ redistributable library. it cured many a dodgy dealing with Cubase over the last 2 yrs.
Some plugs install their own Redis, and can ruin an otherwise perfect Cubase.

latest 6.03

No point in just living with it, it can do ur head in , because its an important feature for electronic muso’s…you have something that others dont, so I would look at not the program, but with the install, Runtime library, or C++ not being right.

I would if I were u , use the Control room feature, and disconnect the master outputs and see if previewing helps there.