Does Anyone Else Have Liquid Sonics Cinematic Rooms?

After making contact with LS, they informed me that other Nuendo folks have had the same issue of the CR input feeding only the CTR channel. They suggest, since they’re not hip to Nuendo enough, to check back with other users. If you have found the ‘work-around’ to get the plugin to ‘see’ all inputs going in, please advise! Apparently PT doesn’t take issue and can get ti the inputs via their panner? That’s what LS said.
I’m ready for enlightenment!

is this a specific issue with CR inserts - or does is affect channel inserts ?

I have cinematic rooms but haven’t tried it in surround yet - will test it later

edit (CR = cinematic rooms NOT control room…doh! - was wondering why you would have a reverb plug in the control room)

just tested here on mono/stereo/5.1 - seemed to work just fine.

Was able to pan a source to any of the 5.1 cinematic room inputs.

Bear in mind if you use an aux to send to an stereo (5.1) FX then you should check out ‘linked panners’ in the manual :slight_smile:

Good News Dr., The sun is out, the air is fresh, my hair is no longer falling out as I will take your sage advise and check out the linked panners in the manual.
Again, thanks for hanging in and helping out!

no probs - if you can’t get your head around it then keep asking questions…

Knock,knock…I’m back! I attempted to go in the glossary of N10 manual and couldn’t find the ‘linked panners’ you mentioned. What I’ve been trying/doing is make the CR a EFX, then route the given tracks via the send at each channel on the console.
I’m still trying to grasp the concept of how to direct a track into the CR input feed (say I want GTR 1 in the Left Surr, thru the CR) Left Surr input (where do I get to control that feed)? I hope I’m painting a clearer picture from this end.

you can also just set the pan separately


I have the same problem here. I try to insert Cinematic Room on a 5.1 group to use as a surround verb and Nuendo freezes every time.

Insert Plugin Works on a stereo bus though. What am I missing here?

I am using Cinematic Rooms Professional version on every project of mine where I have usually 10 FX buses. All my groups and buses are minimum 7.1 in channel configuration. No problems so far. Please make sure if you are using the latest version.