Does anyone have a problem when execute update in 64bit?

Hi, I am using Windows 7 64bit OS and I use trial version RND Portico

but I have got a problem when I execute this update 1.1 version RND Portrico.

Update file finds RND_Portrico_5033_Eqaulizer_64bit.msi file.

and I don’t find that file then update terminated without install.

I downloaded installer files (RND_Portico_5033_Equalizer_1.1.0_64bit_Update.msp and

RND_Portico_5043_Compressor_1.1.0_64bit_Update.msp )

and all of them have got a same problem.

Doesn’t work with 1.1 update in trial version?

How can I do?

Thank you
error message.JPG


you’ll be contacted by our support team asap.


Thank you for reply.

Anyway, how can I contact to Steinberg Support Team?

I wanna tell this problem to Steinberg support team of head office.

I’ll be looking forward to your reply.