Does anyone know how to set up Digitech rp355 via usb?

I got the software with a DigiTech RP355 modulator, and I have the software open and the RP plugged in via USB. But I get nothing. I have no idea how to set up the software to recognize the RP so I can record. Can anyone help me?

The software comes with a manual, that explains the settings that have to be done. Additionally the procedure is explained here several times already:
1.Select correct ASIO Driver
2.Connect Interface device ports to Input busses
3.Select correct input bus for the track you want to record on.

Cool, thanks. Sorry, I tried to find a post on the subject but was unsuccessful. I bought the pedal second-hand, so I didn’t get any manuals. I appreciate the help.

Oh, I just found the manual in the help section. Got it.