Does anyone swear by Prologue

I am Reason user and the Reason community has a lot of people that still swear by the Subtractor stock synth first releases 20 odd years ago. I am curious, are there Cubase users who still swear by Prologue and the older stock synths?

Every time I use Retrologue I like it, but the truth is I only open it once a year. My go to is always Omnisphere.

i too use retrologue but have never used any of the older cubase synths… not sure why really…

i might actually try to replicate some of my favourite sounds using stock synths and if i find it easy enough use them more but to be honest i have a ton of amazing instruments at my disposal that i simply never use because i can get the sounds i need out of a few others such as serum, massive and pigments

I gave prologue a spin the other night. Its got a really nice tape dìstortion effect. If they updated the graphics it would hold its own probably. Its a bad design because all the controls are trying to look space age while not being clear what they do. I like retrologue as well . I have made a couple of great patches that i havent been able to recreate in Pigments or Reason synths. If these were my only options i would still get good sounds out.