Does anyone use Media Bay to search for their Splice samples?

If you do? How do you use it and why would you use it instead of using the Splice browser? Just interested in seeing other people’s workflow.
Thank you

The rest of my samples are in media bay so that keeps everything in one place for searches, audition is also nice. I realize there is a bridge app but I tried it and it just seems like another thing to worry about.

I just favorite the splice sample folder. There seems to be some glitches with C13 media bay not registering new folders but aside from that it works well.

The companion works good though, if you know you want a particular splice sample.

oh nice! This seems like a good way to work. When you add a new sample from splice, does it get loaded into media bay automatically or do you have to have the Splice folder scanned again?

If you click on an existing folder it will recognize new files - I just tested it. You can always right click to rescan too.

I don’t know if this is just my system - but after upgrading to C13 I have to tell it to scan new folders. And then it gets stuck on orange folders, then I have to uncheck all the new folders, and re-check them. Then they scan ok, and re-scanning works fine - it seems to be an issue with MB recognizing new folders.

That new quirk aside it works very well.

Yeah. I have my splice samples saved to dropbox and have that folder favourited inside cubase. Personally it’s nice to be able to have those samples included when doing a search.
The less time I spend outside Cubase the better :slight_smile:

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I also have problems with Splice & media bay combo… Problem for me is opaque folder naming of Splice. How to actually organise Splice so that folder names are short and transparent like I want and not under some code naming…

I think what has caused this is the way MediaBay is now implemented. MB is one step short of being a standalone app. In previous version of Cubase, MediaBay would reside within the Cubase folder tree, since v13, MB now sits outside the main Cubase folder tree within its own space. You can launch MB without running cubase and have all the index work running whilst you’re having a coffee.

The separation also make life easy when wanting to delete CUBASE prefs without deleting M’B index and vice-versa.

All the Best