Does Anyone Use The Trim Tool?

Just curious. I’ve groused for 10 years for -alignment- tools (align left, right) to no effect and ‘trim’ seems to be the closest I’ll ever get. But I’ve literally -never- used it. Just never had a reason.

So… what is it good for? That’s not a snippy question… I really wanna know. Perhaps there’s a completely different way of working, that’s -better-, that I’m not getting.

Suggested uses?



Aloha s,

Same here, I have never used it. Seems I never had a need.

But it’s nice to know that it is there if and when it is needed

Proper Gain Staging ( Bob Katz ) :mrgreen:

I was thinking he was talking about the midi editor trim tool, that looks like a butter knife.

Maybe it’s called ‘Slice’?

Yes, the ‘Butter Knife’. I thought it was a pirate sabre.

It’s to ‘trim’ the ends off notes in one SLICE.

So… does anyone actually ‘butter knife’ notes to death? If so, why?


Pirate sabre makes much more sense for the name of that tool. There should be a feature request. :wink: