Does anyone use VST System Link

I’m just curious if anyone out there is using VST System Link.

I find it very strange that Steinberg has maintained this in all of the versions, but stopped selling or supporting VStack years ago. Is there another alternative to V-Stack that I don’t know about, other than running another fully licensed version of Cubase (dongle required). Does a lesser version of Cubase support System Link (that has a soft registration)?

I would think that they would transition this to an Ethernet technology and provide an Ethernet version of VStack.

All seamlessly built in.

That would kick ass.

Now that they are messing around with VST Connect, they are headed down that path.

You could virtually (pun intended) have the remote computer run individual VST plugs or VSTi’s and have them presented to the main computer as a simple plugin. Would be pretty cool to to pick an insert drop down and see


Rather than just having the remote computer have audio streams.

No reason why it shouldn’t be cross platform compatible too.

I’ve got a pile of old PCs laying around, which would all be fine to run a VSTi or heavy loaded VST or two. I would love to use them.




Part of the problem is if you just do a search on “VST System Link” the search facility in the forum complains that it is not enough key words.

I’m running a Dual Hex Core Xeon computer with 12GB of RAM and four RAID 0 SSDs and 4 mechanical drives in RAID 5.

I’ve got plenty of horse power, but still I run up against limits. It just seems like if I have a 1/2 dozen old PCs laying around, why not just use them for VSTi’s and run them over audio/midi over Ethernet? It would let me run a couple more reverbs or plugs of Ozone or the like.

I have a couple of Core 2 Quads, which certainly aren’t i7 processors, but would have no latency for simply VSTi’s.

I guess too many folks use UAD or other things.

It just seems like a natural progression to take System Link down the route of Ethernet.

Oh well.


Very Cool Stuff guys. I’m not a computer techy person – just learn as I go. I’d love the idea of linking computers. As it is for me, I have an old 2006 tower computer and an old laptop that I use as back-up hard drives. The computer I use for Cubase DAW does not have enough to carry on the addition of the EWQSO so I bought another very good computer with faster speeds and a whole lot of memory.

I run EWQSO on the new computer with Cubase 7 and everything else on the other computer.
Basically, one is used as a multi-purpose cubase DAW and the other for specific types of major compositions.

It would be very cool to be able to link the two computers together and use them simultaneously along with great adaptability and organization. I see that the options could easily open up into a whole new world of opportunities and how much easier one could work using two DAW software programs at the same time within which vst and other plug-ins could used as shared files between the computers . . . dream on.

I’ll take all the info or where to research such stuff anyone is willing to share. Thanks for bringing up this topic!