Does ARA Melodyne have a key command available?

I’ve been searching a while and I can’t seem to find a key command to assign to Melodyne ARA.

Surely there must be one?

I wish they do it… perhaps in 10.5…

I hit exactly the same question this week as I selected different vocal parts I wanted to Melodyne ARA. It would save lots of time and clicks!!!

I see 10.5 added some new key commands however I’ve not noticed one for Melodyne.

I noticed the Same. It would save lots of clicks to have one. I’ve also gotten into the habit of bouncing the ARA edited audio after I’m done as ARA is still very buggy. Setting a key to Bounce your audio is saving me lots of time time too.

Is there any way a Macro can be built to invoke Melodyne ARA?

Tried to do that. Theres no way to invoke it from choosing commands in the macros area. So its a no!

These kinds of decisions to omit certain functions Steinberg are baffling!