Does Artist 10 do real time audio exports?

Currently, I’m running Artist 7.5. I really like it except for one niggling thing. I can’t do real time audio exports to mix down a song. I use a Presonus Studiolive 16,4,2 mixer and I would love to be able to mix through my board so I can play with the faders during my mixdown process. I know, yes if I want to, I should have the Pro version. The thing is, it’s just a hobby and I’m not really into forking out the amount of cash necessary just for that one feature. I’m just playing in my bedroom studio.
Which brings be down to the big question. Can I do real time audio mixdowns in Cubase 10 Artist?

Hopefully somebody can give me answer and hopefully the answer is yes!

Thanks in advance.


According to the CB 10 Pro & Artist op manual it does.

To be sure check for yourself on pages 1018/1019…

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As written here already.

This looks to me like I will be able to do real time mix downs! Yes! This is good news.
Thank you very much! My wife will be pleased as well, since I won’t need to spend as much money!