Does ASIO Direct monitoring have latency?

Hi recording geniuses,
I’m a 24-year Cubase user and I have been away from the desk lately, and I am still using Cubase 10.5.

  1. Does ASIO Direct monitoring run the input signal through the effects? Does it cause a latency in the monitored signal?
    I found this in the Studio Setup menu as an option for my old MOTU 896. I’ve been using external monitoring all these years due to a latency problem (from what I remember).
    I also have a Steinberg UR-RT4 with the Ruper Neve transformers and it does not allow external monitoring, which was a major disappointment to me. Refresh my memory…
  2. Does monitoring with the UR-RT4 introduce latency? Can I eliminate it in the buffer settings? I just built a new computer that probably has the processor power to keep up if this is an option.


No because direct monitoring is from your audio interface input to the output. Your interface has to support this though.

OK, so is the interface just allowing Cubase to control it’s mixer?

The advertising blurb for the UR-RT4 states that it offers latency-free monitoring with DSP effects. It should be able to do what you want.

Yes exactly