Does AXR4T work with Thunderbolt 4 on Windows with an adapter?

Can anyone from Steinberg (or anyone else!) confirm?

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The AXR4T is NOT compatible with Thunderbolt 4 on PC.

If you’re on a PC with Thunderbolt 4, you can only use native TB 3 & TB 4 devices, even with an adaptor.

I found this out the hard way…here’s hoping others don’t make the same mistake that I did…

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Thanks for the informative reply Kevin - sorry you had to take one for the team!

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Hi - I find it odd that Thunderbolt 4 doesn’t work with AXR4T - I would say in theory it should work and there isn’t anything technical that should prevent it from working.

TH4 uses the same 40 Gb/s that thunderbolt 3 uses - But TH4 has a slightly better, higher, display resolution possibility over thunderbolt 3.

People are using their UAD interfaces with thunderbolt 4 on Z590 chipsets so why shouldn’t the Steinberg AXR4T work? - Is there a firmware update that is needed on AXR4T to help this work? - I’m not doubting Kevin Audio above but I think I would be able to get my Z590 to work with thunderbolt 4 if needed - Of course there could be a problem and I’m wrong - That’s fine I can accept that.

I’ve got a board with thunderbolt 2 / 3 & 4 so one day I’ll try this out and report back.

Thunderbolt 4 is supposed to be backward compatible - that is the whole idea - And if it truly doesn’t work then maybe Steinberg need to fix something?

Would be greatly appeciated if you tested and reported back Fraz - thank you very much!

Hi - At some point I will but don’t know when.
On Z490 chipset, say Asus motherboards they used the thunderbolt 3 cards that Asus made - When Z590 came along - There was a change to thunderbolt 4 (nomenclature) - But everything exactly the same apart from display capabilities for graphics and thunderbolt.

I have looked into thunderbolt ever since Z97 chipsets around 2016 - It was always messy to understand because information was always not easy to come by - And a niche market - But for the music interface crowd it’s a staple technology often used.

I would like to know (out of interest) what Kevin used and why it didn’t work - !

On one of my boards it is an AsRock X99 Extreme 4 - And the HP thunderbolt 2 cards worked with this board as AsRock mailed me to say their cards were 90% identical to their own TH2 cards which were not available anymore - This is just an example - Anyway - I’ll get back some time with more info.

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I have it working with Thunderbolt 4 on windows. Not sure what you mean. I have a gigabyte vision d board with 2 TB4 ports and my AXR4T works fine.

@Mighty-Zoltan So are you using a T2 to T3 adapter, yes? And then because T4 is backwards comptabile with T3 you just plug into your T4 port then?

Yep exactly, I have the Apple adapter (only one I know of) and it works fine both on my windows pc and my macs.

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Not working for me with a DELL XPS 15 9520. Will there ever be a time where you just plug something in and it works?