Does Batch Conversion Use Master Section Dithering?

Hi - would be hugely grateful for some help,

I have some big batch conversions to do, and just need to check the Wavelab 9 Batch Conversion function is behaving as I’d expect.

If I do a batch conversion (batch conversion, NOT batch processing), does the batch conversion process use the Dithering section of the Master Section? The manual is not explicit about this. Or is it necessary to use a separate batch process to apply dither?

Many many thanks for any help.


No, it does not. This tool is for easy conversions. For pro works, use the batch processor and insert whatever dithering you need.

Hi Philippe and many thanks for the response.

That’s a shame, but really helpful to know. Will have to reprocess a load of files. Would be good if this info was in the manual Steinberg peeps.

Many thanks again and all the best,


What kinds of audio conversions do you do?

Mainly converting 24bit masters to 16bit wav and AIF, plus MP3 for distribution.