does blacklisted slow startup times?

Does leaving items in blacklisted items slow down the startup time? To remove do you just delete the files to remove?

I do not think so. Because they are blacklisted and not scanned anymore.
You could remove the plugin in the Backlist, and remove the plugin (directory and files).
I also have slow startup times (2 minutes) and closing times (2 minutes).
That is for C10.5. It was much faster, so i also would like to know, why suddenly i have slow times…

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it does in my experience, 3 or 4 seconds. i once removed the whitelist, or something else. i don’t remember. i can be more specific…
i did it on my previous installation (on win 7) now, i don’t care… but cubase starts fast enough for me. 10 or 12 seconds? maybe more. it could be faster, and i should rescan the plugins, it is likely that they won’t be blacklisted again.

Having a whitelist with entries slows down startup time enormously (for some plugins). So after you re-activate from the blacklist successfully, start cubase once more to see if it sticks and then remove the whitelist. AFAICT whitelisted plugins are always rescanned at program start.

Interesting, where can the Whitelist be found ?

Thanks for the helps! I will circle back for these maintenance later, now I in create mode. MUCH appreciated!

I’m having a hard time understanding your kind help or finding info re white listing. Is it manually adding the whitelist file so Cubase will use items that blacklisted, and so then I don’t have a whitelist? And, only really need one IF I want to use a blacklisted VST? have I got the gist er-it? Thanks.

Yes. You have no white list unless you reactivate a blacklisted plugin. The whitelist is in the same folder as the blacklist. After you reactivate a blacklisted plug and delete the whitelist it will stay activated and will not be in the whitelist.

Thanks for that! do you know where I could find info on whitelist procedures? I found instructions for Dorico. Would Cubase be the same? Thanks again. Can’t find it in the manual or online so far.

If you want to speed up the start of cubase you can de-active some components you don’t use or work within the componentfolder.
Like vstconnect, or videoengine, the hub f.e. There is an article on that somewhere online

I dont think there are. Manuals from steinberg does not cover a lot of technical stuff though. But there is list somewhere that put plugins is reactivated state. If you are on a OSX it is in your preferences catalog.

/Users/$USER/Library/Preferences/Cubase\ 10.5/Vst2xPlugin\ Whitelist\ Cubase.xml

I dont know if there is any similar for VST3.

Thanks again!

I think that organizing the plugin list can speed things up, and I notice this when load up a plugin in a project, although perhaps starting Cubase is improved as well but I really don’t time these things. This said, I will right now: Start time - 11.30 seconds. This does not include opening a project.

I have removed any plugin that was not a VST3 plugin except for those plugins that are only available as VST2.4. Honestly, the feature in the plugin manager that offers the option to ‘remove duplicate’ plugins is something I have never used. Does it do what I’ve accomplished by removing plugin files from my computer? I have no idea. My thinking here is that if a VST2.4 plugin exists in a folder somewhere AND IT IS USABLE by Cubase (along with it’s VST3 version), then Cubase may be confused by this. Has Steinberg created a scanner that deletes the VST2.4 and keeps the VST3 version? I never run across any literature about this so I have no idea.

So, to finish this up, here’s what started me on this course. When you open the Plugin Manager window, and you click to the ‘Other’, how many plugins do you find? I have maybe 14 ‘Other’ plugins currently listed, some are actually VST3 plugins (4 maybe), but most are VST2.4 that are there because they are VST2.4 or because they cannot find an appropriate tab in the Steinberg Plugin Manager list. Perhaps the developer didn’t do his Steinberg homework, I’m not clear. ANYWAY, before I removed all the VST2.4 plugin versions THAT WERE DUPLICATES OF THE VST3 versions, my ‘Other’ tab was listing 50 plugins, maybe more I don’t recall, but it was a HUGE list. My thinking here was that this potentially ‘confused’ Cubase or at least caused it to do more work. When I removed the excess, Cubase operated more quickly, there is no doubt.

As to plugin count, I have 67 Waves plugins, maybe 13 active iZotope plugins, 4 SIR Audio Tool plugins, 5 HOFA plugins, Melodyne, the Trans Atlantic Reverb plugin, and of course the Steinberg plugins that come with C10.