Does Chase take into account key switches

Does the Chase functionality also “chase” key switches? Need to know this for using the Arranger Track.

Assuming you’re key switching with midi note then the chase can only follow the standard note chase logic…so it only chases notes that are held under the play cursor when you hit play.
You could select all the keyswitches and choose legato from the functions menu and then chase should work under normal playback but I’d imagine you will struggle to always have it work correctly if using arranger track as well.

Thanks Grim. In the meantime, I found a workaround that will freak out purists :smiling_imp: :

I reduced the size of the key switch to a 1/128th note. I then put the keyswitch as the first note of the bar. That means that if you have a trumpet sounding a quaver right at the beginning of the bar, it really only has a length of 15/16th of a quaver, BUT it will always pick up the key switch, no matter from where in Cubase you arrive at this bar. It works because you need a damn sharp ear to hear that the trumpet starts 1/16th quaver too late …

I am not sure how it works. but you could move/nudge the keyswitch left 1/128. For arranger track, I think if someone could come of with a logic editor preset that repeat a note until next occurring event every bar (or half bar). This is like legato but discrete version!