Does crossgrade mean losing access to software used in the crossgrade?

Hi there,

If i used the crossgrade option do i lose the software used for the crossgrade?



No, you will not lose the original software you crossgrade from.

Depends, from which software you crossgrade to which software


From which software you would loose the license?

If you update or upgrade your Cubase license (so the source is Cubase), then you change the old license to the new one (so you “loose”) the old one. But if you crossgrade from a 3rd party software, I don’t know any, where you would loose the license. Technically there is no way how to do so. Or am I missing something?

Where does it say 3rd party software?
There were (or still are? - don´t know) crossgrades from Cubase to Nuendo, for example. Unfortunately most people seem not to be able to provide useful info when asking questions, so I thought it might be worth mentioning.

OK, You are right, there is Nuendo 8 Crossgrade from Cubase. And it’s also clearly written here:

Please note: This crossgrade replaces your Cubase license with a Nuendo license. Note that this license will no longer run Cubase.

he same is not written in the Nuendo 8 Crossgrade from Nuendo Live.

All other crossgrades are from 3rd party, as far as I can see.