Does Cubase 10 has major performance improvements ?

for the first time in a few years i’m inclined not to do my yearly update.

  • the workflow improvements introduced in cubase 8/9 have made it perfect for me to work in cubase as it is rightnow.
  • performance is steady for what I do even on my 8 year old PC (it has actually become better than years ago when I used cubase 6, since the 32bit era of plugins is completely over, i’ve seen my performance include
  • cubase pro already offers much more features than I as a small musician really use to begin with, it’s just that I wished for ripple editing, a good mixer panel and great flexible workflow.

I know some of the UI is made a bit more modern and streamlined, but with my bad vision, I don’t really need a 4k monitor to begin with, as everything will be again much smaller than before. I’m good with the interface and size dimension of the fonts as it is now.

Considering all of the above, I do wonder, does cubase 10 improve on performance significantly enough to warrant an upgrade ? if so I might just try to hook up next year on cubase 11/12 grace period purchase. Maybe some more attractive new features are added here. This time around i’m just not really motivated.

There’s no change in performance for me. If you have > 14 cores it might be different