Does Cubase 10 Pro have a feature like "Consolidate Clips" in Pro Tools?

Does Cubase Pro 10 have a feature like “Consolidate Clip” in Pro Tools, which can create silence in parts of a time selection before and after audio clips?

In the first image below, I want to merge the three audio clips (in dark green) AND to add silence to the resulting audio file starting before the first clip and ending after the last clip. This is done by selecting a time region in the track or in the time line.

The second image shows the results of the command “Consolidate Clip.” (In the annotation, I accidentally used the word “region” instead of “clip”.)

In Cubase 10 Pro, “Bounce Selection” only includes the selected clips. To get the result like in PT, I’d have to create clips at the start and end of the time region I want included in the bounced clip.

Is there any way to get the result like in my PT example without having to create these extra clips, and if so, what’s the procedure?

(BTW, in my usual workflow, I rarely need to create silence after the end of a clip, but frequently need to add it at the start.)

two ways depending on what you need:

  1. Using the range tool select the time range you want to “consolidate” or
  2. Select the events with the Select tool

and do Bounce Selection (and replace events)



As a newbie, I didn’t know about the Range Selection tool.

Thanks very much, @steve !

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An alternative if for some reason you don’t want to bounce the audio would be to convert your existing Audio Events (clips) into an Audio Part. This is like a container that holds the individual Events and maintains the timing relationship & any silence between them. This can also be undone/redone later if you need to make adjustments.

My use is creating audio files to send to collaborators who use different DAWs, so an Audio Part wouldn’t work. But it’s good to know they exist - they might come in handy for something else.

Thanks, @raino !