Does cubase 12 support Mac M1, M2?

Hoping to find out if cubase 12 is being developed to run directly through Imac M1, without having to use the rossetta , or if not , will it be redeveloped in the near future
Thank you in advance

Yes, Cubase 12 will support Apple silicon natively, for VST3.

VST2 will only be able to run in Rosetta 2 mode though.

Cubase 12 will introduce native Apple silicon support to begin with. Please be aware that VST 2 is not supported on native Apple silicon, except when run in Rosetta 2 mode. So please make sure that you let the plug-in manufacturers still hesitating to release VST 3 versions know that it’s about time!

Cubase 12 is coming in 2022

Thanks for your advice, I’d best check which vst I am running. I’m sure it isn’t VST3, I’m on version 10.4 elements.
When I upgrade to the m1 imac, I will purchase Version 12 with VST3
IM also using davinci resolve 14 at the moment and will upgrade to 17. Hopefully the M1 runs it better than my current imac which is 9 years old… I’m sure it will :drum::guitar::microphone::headphones:

Hi people.
I am currently
using Cubase elements 10.0.30
VST 3.6. 10
With an imac (2015)
Retina 4k
Intel core i5
8gb 1867 MHz DDR3
I’m running a steinberg ur44 interface.
The computer is old and slow.
Was thinking of upgrading to an imac with M1/M2 chip.
Q. Will this be able to run CB12 directly? ( i don’t understand what Rosetta does, nor if it is even required…)
Will it accept and use my ur44 interface and does it come with the standard vst instrumentation?

Thank you in advance

Yes, it does support Apple Silicon since Cubase 12 was launched.

Many software packages were built for Apple computer running the Intel processors. M1 and M2 are a complete different architecture, so Intel software is not running anymore, therefore Apple has created Rosetta 2. This is emulating the Intel architecture and all software packages not available for Apple Silicon are then started inside Rosetta.

Because many software packages (instruments, plugins, etc.), from all kind of vendors, are still not modifed to “Apple native” and that means you will need Rosetta. Cubase in native mode has no access to plugins in Rosetta (which is an issue with Rosetta, not Cubase). If you have plugins like that you need to start Cubase in Rosetta as well. You need to check with the various vendors for this.

I don’t know of any reason why it shouldn’t