Does Cubase 6 Match Pro Tools For Audio?

It’s been said for years, “Pro Tools is better for audio.” Is it still true? From where I sit, Steinberg seems to have answered that question with a “yes.” From those more intimately involved in heavy audio productions, is that the case?

While I am disappointed multiout Instrument tracks did not make it in (and it sounds like they are fodder for a point release), I am also aware that catering to the studio owners out there makes a significant difference with regard to the esteem and prestige associated with Cubase, so it is an important demographic to cater to. With that in mind, have they done it? Have Steinberg answered Avid?

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I think that you first need to buy the full Pro Tools expension pack. Without you are talking about Cubase Artist.



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It’s a little more basic than that, though I was aware of the volatile nature of the subject, so it should all be taken with a grain of salt. But, I’m not seeing the usual “Cubase is far behind X” posts with this release, and my impression is that they have actually met the requests for audio.

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But, I’m not seeing the usual “Cubase is far behind X” posts with this release, and my impression is that they have actually met the requests for audio.

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I’ve got Protools, Live, and Cubase 5. Where Cubase fell down was the lack of group editing, and elastic audio type of thing that has now been addressed enough for my requirements.

If you are only recording audio the protools two window switching is hard to beat, but Cubase 6 has (I hope) now got the grouped editing sorted, and what appears to be a great tempo from audio track function included, and my favourite way of comping using event to part seems to have been refined to perfection.

The return of opening Wavelab from inside Cubase for wave editing is something that is long overdue. Apart from the resizing windows issue, that we have all persevered with, this is a great update as long as it’s not buggy. The two window approach that live and pt use would be great, but you can kinda set this up yourself to a degree.

Apart from audio, the midi drum editing grid is the best, and has been for a long time, THE editing tool.

Just stopped working and looked at resizing.
Now, I’m not sure because I aint tried yet but my experience of it in C5 gives me the suspicion that it could be related to the Workspaces settings (p532 ! in the C6 manual) maybe utilising the “Lock Active Workspace” command. I come to this because I’ve been using a certain default template and I’m sure I can fix it.
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