Does cubase 7.5 sound better or am I crazy??

I’m coming from cubase5 and for some reason 7.5 just sounds sweeter. It could just be me but is there something in there that makes it sound better.

I’m running at 32/48 same as when I was in cubase5.

Could be the new factor.

My stuff sounds as crappy now as it did in 1978 so I can’t really say…

Nah in 78 you old bastards had that tape junk. That really sounded like sh-it.

Finally… I can blame Studer and Neve… Now THAT takes a load off…

For me Its not so much the sound but the ‘feel’.

C7.5.10 just feels better. Way more solid.

Could these ‘feel’ perceptions of mine be the same as your ‘sound’ perceptions
only coming from a diff POV?

Anyway you slice it without a doubt, Cubase rocks!

That it does!!

Yeah that neve guy really screwed up with that tin can stuff…all jokes aside sometimes we are to critical of our mixes.

For sure… Truth is the tools are so fabulous now it is a never-ending source of wonder… A couple of weeks ago I got the Izotope mastering stuff and yet again I was shocked at how incredibly great these tools can be… The guys banging out this DSP stuff are top of the heap as far as I am concerned. Not to denigrate the good analog stuff at all… The old and new live together like Demi Moore and whatever the guy’s half her age name is…

So true. I never thought plugins would even come remotely close to what’s available now. It’s outstanding. My favorite company is softube. They are incredible.

What Softube stuff are you using? What would you recommend?

The pultec plugin is amazing. It’s called PE-1C and the also have a compressor that is based on the pultec character. Also the native instruments vintage compressors are a must for me. Can’t live without them. Oh and the FET compressor from softube is also amazing.

Thanks! On my way over there now!

generally there is no changes in audio engine on C7, except slightly improved and difference on built-in EQ (there was an old post a moderator explained about it, maybe the the subtle differences in audio is in the EQ if used in projects on older cubase versions)

Says the kiddywinkle that’s more than likely saturating all his tracks :laughing: :laughing:

Nah I’m in my 30’s and never used tape except for a Dolby double tape deck…lol. From what I was told it never sounded good anyway. But don’t use much saturation. I guess now I can try it

It sounds beautiful! I was noticing how amazing it sounds in my last recording session :smiley:

I think eight sounds better :mrgreen:

In your dreams! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I guess it will too. I wonder what 7.5.20 will bring in April?