Does Cubase 7 Have Overdrive Plugin?

Long story short. I was speaking with a music producer today and he told me a great way to get that Hollywood Brass sound (I use EWQL Hollywood Brass) is to add overdrive to it.

I notice that Cubase has distortion but I don’t see any overdrive? Am I overlooking it or does it not exist?

Can you suggest a reasonable alternative? I tried the distortion and it does sound better but am wondering if the overdrive will still do a better job?

Check out the saturation capabilities as part of the Channel Strip (tape/tube). There’s also a plugin called DaTube. An amp simulator may do the trick as well.

I love this plug. But be delicate when using it.
I use it on horn shouts/hits quite often.

You could also try ToneBooster.

I have been using the Variety Of Sound plugins for saturation effects and found them to be excellent. They are some of the best plugins available. Best of all they are free.

Ferric RDS a tape emulator
TesslaSE – Transformer saturation simulator
TesslaPRO – Transient aware signal saturator

They are PC only and 32 bit but work fine in Cubase.