Does Cubase 7 Work With Antares Auto-Tune 7?

I just purchased auto-tune, 64 bit, went through the installation and iLok authorization process and when I go to start up Cubase 7 it either hangs trying to initialize auto-tune or doesn’t even bother to go through the process. One time I got a message that it needs authorization but that hung too.

In short, I can’t get it to work. I’ve had no problem with any other VSTs so I’m assuming the problem is that auto-tune is an outdated program. It says on their site compatible with Cubase 4.5 and above. That was quite a few versions ago.

Does anybody have experience with actually getting this VST to work or am I essentially out $300?

Aloha W,
What is your gear set-up. (‘puter and OS)

Windows 7, 64 bit. 16 gig RAM

Does the software itself need to be authorized with a code…some soft (like Kontakt, et al) must be opened in Standalone and authorized, before using it as a VST!

Sometime’s a DAW may not be able to show this menu during startup and just hangs while trying… Try opening Auto-tunes in standalone to see if it ask for an activation code even though your iLok has been activated. If so, add your code…close AT app and restart Cubase.

I make a habit with any Standalone/VST app to open it in standalone mode to verify before opening it as a VST!