Does Cubase 8.5 need to be installed to install Cubase 9?

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I’m migrating to a new PC next week. Do I need to install Cubase 8.5 before doing the 9.0 upgrade?

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no, not needed. But please make sure you use the full installer available in your MySteinberg.
There was a sync issue due to the huge traffic which made the downloads unavailable, but it should be fixed by now.

9.0.1 is available since day one, please make sure to use the updater when installing or to download and install the update after the main installation:


I installed CP9 but Cubase pro 8.5 still showing on control panel?

Can I remove cubase 8.5?

Great, thanks. 2 replies within 5 minutes! Wow!

I installed CP9 but Cubase pro 8.5 still showing on control panel?

Can I remove cubase 8.5?

Leonard, do you mean Cubase 8.5 still shows up in Programs and Features?
That is normal, each version of Cubase installs as a new, separate program.

The content is common to all versions and only updated, while the program itself is installed parallel to previous versions. This gives you more versatility for project retro-compatibility as well as enabling you to use a different version if you experience issues. Likewise, my advice is to keep 8.5 while you check out that all works fine in 9.

If you eventually don’t need 8.5 and have already verifyed 9 works well for you, you can uninstall it, sure.

In that case, please only uninstall the program (e.g. Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5 64 bit) and nothing else, remember that the content and installations like Groove Agent SE and HALion Sonic SE are common to all versions.

Thank you for detailed information Fabio. I will keep CB8.5 for while before definitely uninstall it.

Most appreciated .

A quick question, that I’ve wondered about when upgrading in the past. Content has been added to v9 but has content also been removed, that was present in v8.5 and earlier versions? The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed that the (full) installer of one version sometimes is smaller then the (full) installer for a previous version.

If this is the case, it might be worthwhile to install v8.x before installing v9 anyway. I’ve done this in the past. I always keep the previous full installer, in case I need to roll back. Just to be on the safe side.

Hello Tim,

no, there is no Content removed, as this could cause issues when running old projects (Edit: besides the fact it looks horrible to give something to take it back shortly after).
What I see here on the server is:

(Version - size in GB, Mac and PC respectively)

Cubase 9 - 11.3/11.7
Cubase 8.5 - 10.1/10.1
Cubase 8 - 9.2/9.2
Cubase 7.5 - 6.6 / 6.8

(these are full installers, not ISO images, which are bigger and split in 2 DVDs)