Does Cubase 8 and Novation Impulse work together?

in the old posts (2015) they wrote my Cubase 8 (LE AI Elements) is not realy/fine compatible with the midicontroller Novation Impuls 49 - with automapping. I love my Cubase and wanna buy the Novation Impulse for it. Otherwise, in the worst case i need to buy a different model. Does anybody know how Cubase 8 and Novation Impuls work together today?


Novation says that they do. I have the (older) Novation SLMkII and I’m currently running Cubase 8.5. Automap isn’t the only way to make things work, but it does work for the most part. They don’t make everything easy.

Basic functionality isn’t hard to achieve. I’m talking about playing notes, bending pitch/mod wheel. I don’t recall how hard it was to get transport controls to work, but I don’t recall a great struggle either. It was more difficult to get HALion quick controls to respond. There’s still a lot I haven’t working that isn’t easy. Novation controllers have a lot of sliders, knobs, and buttons. Cubase/HALion has a lot of parameters. It’s a lot to knit together. :confused:

Now they say Automap doesn’t work with Cubase 9, but they are working on it:
Unless it comes out before I upgrade Cubase, I may have to do the (Novation) advanced setup. :unamused:

BTW, I much prefer the keyboard feel of the SLMkII over the Impulse. I originally planned on getting the Impulse. The keys on the SLMkII are made by a different company (fatar?). Like the Impulse keys, they don’t swim around under your hand. Unlike the Impulse keys, they go down smooth and easy, like a Yamaha. But they’re not mushy/soft. The SLMkII controller is also very expressive. It’s not all-or-nothing with the velocity at all. And it has aftertouch, which I’ve tested. I suppose it depends on how strong your hands are and what you’re used to. I’d probably hate the SLMkII (and even the Impulse), had I been playing piano for years. The terms “piano feel” and “synth feel” are too vague. e.g. I wouldn’t say Alesis has a “piano feel”, but it’s incredibly stiff for a “synth feel”.