Does Cubase 9 Elements activation code work on Cubase 8 LE

Hi! I’m sure this has been asked before, but i couldnt find the answer. I really really like Cubase 9 Elements after trying it, and i want to buy it, but i also have a lot of 32-bit plugins, some of these are really really not cheap and come with UAD hardware for example. So i want to run my 32-bit plugins sometimes.

So if i buy a code now for Cubase 9 Elements, does that code let me run Cubase 8 Elements as well?

Hope for reply so i can go buy :slight_smile:


The LE 9 activation code will probably not work for Cubase LE 8, but the activated LE 9 license should allow you to run Cubase LE 8.

The UAD plug-ins are available in 64-bit versions.