Does Cubase allow saving the WHOLE signal chain? i.e. sends

While I love the MIDI loop feature that lets me export VST instrument presets for future recall, it leaves out sends so I’m left creating those manually.

I was wondering if there’s a way to save and recall the entire signal chain, from inserts to sends to EVERYTHING including the VSTi, EQ and perhaps even the MIDI data.

Same with an audio track?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way. The only one, I could imagine, is to select all tracks (the whole path), and save this as Selected Channels (from the MixConsole function menu).

Thanks Martin I’ll try this workaround. Im guessing this can’t be integrated into the browser for import? I.e. The browse doesn’t see the archive?

I’m not sure, if I understand your question right… What I understand… Do you ask, if the Import > Tracks from Project window knows the routing? No, it doesn’t, so you cannot see, where are the channels routed. But, if you import all related channels, the routing is kept.