Does Cubase Elements 6 open Cubase 6 projects?

Excuse me for insisting on this,as my knowledge in english is adequate and not perfect,
what does ‘‘Derivate project compatibility’’ mean?
I read this in the comparison chart between the 3 different Cubase versions
and i can’t be sure that C6 Elements will open a C6 cpr.

Unfortunately it is not stated in the Compatibility and interchangeability of project files page.

Did anyone test this or has some knowledge?


yes, you can open Cubase 6 projects in Cubase Elements 6 and vica versa.



thank you,thank you,thank you :smiley:

You will - of course - not be able to open FX or VST instruments in C 6 that are not included in Elements 6.

Just bought and quickly tested it.
Sure,things are missing but the cpr opens fine
Well done Steinberg,no dongle for Cubase users on the move!

NO DONGLE !!! ?/

WOW ! I just may buy an extra copy just for portability… being able to whip up some new tracks even when I am away from my main DAW !

That is good news for sure !