Does Cubase export joint stereo mp3?

Hi, I’ve exported an mp3 audio file that I am suppose to send off to Amazon ACX next week. I’ve read they do not accept Joint Stereo audio files. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out whether the file is ‘joint stereo’ or not and can’t figure out how to check if it is.

I’ve read Audacity gives you the option to export full stereo or joint stereo, so I suppose I could just re-export the file through there.

Does anyone know:

  1. whether Cubase exports mp3s as stereo or ‘joint stereo’?
  2. can I set Cubase to export as stereo and not ‘joint stereo’?
  3. how to check if an audio file is ‘joint stereo’?


Q1: It is a stereo file. Not a joint stereo file.
Q2: No adjustment or settings for joint stereo/stereo or stereo/joint stereo.
Q3: I don’t know. Maybe do a web search?

Regards :sunglasses:

Alright, thanks for your response Prock.