Does Cubase have an arranger track and features like StudioOne?

I am about to purchase Cubase Pro 9.5 and wonder if it has a similar feature as the Studio One arranger track that allows a quick slice cut through all of the tracks allowing one to reorganize a song in seconds. Does this exist?

Yes, Cubase has an Arranger Track for quickly changing the playback order of sections of your song. There are many YouTube videos of its use out there which you might want to look at if you’re planning on buying the Pro version without trying a demo.

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Yes, it does. Cubase had it first of course; the developers of StudioOne took this idea (among others) with them when they left Steinberg, to branch out on their own…!

Its a great feature and there’s lots of info about how to use it in the Cubase Manual (it has its own chapter, ‘Arranger Track’, p289 of the PDF version).

I have Studio One and like using it alot, but I haven’t used this particular feature in it as yet.! Most of my work/fun is still being done inside Cubase. Really re-invigorated by the recent v9.5 release of course…!

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The arranger track in Studio one is far superior to Cubase’s…just try it and then try Cubase’s…

Studio One’s Arranger track is destructive. It creates undesirable note-on events when moving arranger sections and last but not least it doesn’t support different arranger chains. It’s a gimmick compared to Cubase’s useful arranger track.
You can’t even compare them because the difference is huge. :laughing:

As always… download a demo and try everything you would want to test… else get caught up in various personalised views and biased opinions …

Hmm… maybe so; but everything was there for me to achieve what I wanted, in Cubase - on time for my boss and without (too much.!) fuss. It would need to have some pretty spectacular bells and whistles for StudioOne’s efforts to be deemed ‘far superior’, IMHO.

As an aside, my biggest, most annoying, and grindingly tedious bugbear of using the Arranger Track (bet its the same in S1), is its inability to accommodate those ‘pick-up’ notes/phrases, that bring you back in musically to the next section; or, that you don’t want playing/sounding on a first pass of a section repeat for example… Don’t get me started; that is a topic for a whole new thread of its own.!

[If someone were to invent some ability/functionality for the user to define those ‘extra’ pick-up or tail-out snippets, to make the Arranger Chains/section/repeats work, without having to hand-edit the results, it would be a gold-mine.! Pure, solid, gold.]

Oh wait, I just thought… maybe you mean combining the Arranger Track with their ‘Scratch Pad’ feature too (which they do say goes hand-in-hand). Ha.! the feature that everyone and his wife immediately said we desperately need in Cubase, when it was first announced in StudioOne - chatter and pleading and begging, which lasted for all of three/four weeks… :wink:

I’m sure it has its moments and its fans. But honestly, I can cope with ‘copy-n-paste’ in the same Arrange page later down the Timeline - fairly swiftly. I am only small fry mind, 120 - 150 tracks are my project sizes usually. I’ve rarely gone over 200. :open_mouth:

I will take a closer look at StudioOne’s efforts next time; see what I’m missing… :slight_smile:

Absolutely, some sort of pre and post overlap range per event in the arranger chain would be magnificent.

I requested this in the feature requests forum a while back - it would be fabulous. You could find that request and support it if you like.


If you’re wanting to simply slice and rearrange you might find folder tracks are better suited.

They’re brilliant combined with track versions if you’re doing full / 60sec / 30sec cut downs for publishing companies.

Can’t resist - sorry if this is going too off-topic… :wink:

Yes Niles, I know what you mean…! But, its more difficult than that. When you start thinking about it, it becomes hellishly hard to see how it could be implemented nicely - so that all bases are covered… To get some real power, you would somehow need to be able to designate and play different Events (or bits of Events) from different places along the Timeline, at will - i.e. more than one playhead. :open_mouth:

Another topic for sure. :wink:

[EDIT - I see Rich’s post above about his topic in the Features suggestions pages; will go and look for that now.!]

I hear you… I bumped it already :wink:

Yeah, that’s the way to do it… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha.! Thought it rung a bell; I’d been there before…!

Check out S1’s Scratch Pad function, think you’ll dig that

Not really. I don’t need a ruler between the actual composition and sketches. There are enough ways to manage that (for instance a dedicated “sketch” marker track with some cycle markers from bar 1000 and up).
Also I find track versions a lot more powerful than Scratch Pad, because you can actually hear your “scratches” in context with the composition.

Of course, no comparison there - the original poster should do far more RTFM and research on that one; not the least of which with Cubendo is recalling multiple, non destructive arrangements on-the-fly. Studio One is indeed a nice re-think of the DAW by a seasoned ex-Steinberg mentor & new PhD guy, but very much shows its young age by lack of many nuanced features as yet.

Speaking of arrangements, nothing yet really comes close to MOTU’s Digital Peformer ‘Chunks’ feature … indispensable for film-making soundtracks. Now if a future iteration of Cubase or Nuendo could take those arrangements and fly them to nominated timecode positions with dedicated click track & anacrusis /pre-rolls we’d have it … #1 on my request list.

I have a feeling since people like Kundrus and Jonas left PreSonus Software also the clever architecture and design left. If something like the Arranger track was developed in the early stages of Studio One it probably would have been developed a lot better and would actually be more sophisticated than the current marketing drag handles.

I feel sorry for all those Sonar MIDI guys who jumped on Studio One and are already requesting 101 MIDI stuff, not knowing it won’t happen there and is available here.

Sonar users who use only audio will be fine, Sonar users who do a lot of midi and use external hardware are in for a rude awakening with S1. S1 is sorely still missing midi 101 as you said