Does Cubase have Scale quantize / Brush tool like Logic yet?


I’ve been away from Cubase for a long time and I’m thinking of purchasing the latest version.

Can anybody tell me if it supports piano roll MIDI input of notes while hard quantizing to scale like Logic does?

An additional bonus if it can do it with realtime keyboard input (matching nearest note in scale), in addition to piano roll input?

Please watch these two videos - it’s a magnificent game-changing feature - almost cheating!

Thanks for anyone that can confirm it’s possible and as easy as the above.


Cubase can do this using the midi insert “Transformer”, But not pitch quantize on mouse input in the piano roll.

This feature would be fun to have.

Indeed. Pitch quantization a very frequent request. I’d +1 it.

Neat idea. Steinberg could go one step further and have it follow the chord track at the note’s insertion point.

How do you mean? (am I having a brain f*rt?)

Well other features in Cubase follow the chord track. That’s well documented. So if you happen to be using a chord track in the project, Cubase could offer you the option for such a scale quantization to be derived from whatever the chord track is dictating at the point in your track you are inserting / brushing notes into the key editor, instead of manually specifying the scale in the inspector.

A ha! That would be great- very useful.

Orchetect’s great suggestion of an additional selectable option to follow the Chord Track would be icing on the cake :slight_smile:

May I ask, do official Steinberg staff ever respond here on this forum to feature requests like this?

Just a crumb like: “This is a good idea. It’s been added to the road-map. Possible release in 2017”

Or do Users just wait with crossed fingers that it will be implemented some unspecified time in the future with no feedback?

I really, really want to go back to Cubase but am tempted by buying Logic instead. Support of this feature will play a large part in my decision.

Crossed fingers. It is powerful software with a very diverse user base. “You can’t always get what you want.”

Crossed fingers? Is that really how the feature request process works?

I guess I’ll wait a week and see if anybody official comes back with at least some kind of response.

If it’s not even considered good customer relations to type a sentence or two in reply, it’s unlikely that they will implement a solution anytime soon.

Not meaning to sound rude, but I think it best not to go through my life with no acknowledgement, crossing my fingers and waiting for things to happen… a week is enough.