Does Cubase LE4 work with Windows 10?

I have Cubase LE4 and it has worked great for what I need it for, running on windows 7. Well, the PC finally crashed, and I need a new one. Does Cubase LE4 work with Windows 10?

It will run, but running Cubase 4 on Windows 10 isn’t officially supported. There will be glitches that you can’t do anything about.

Once you get a new PC, please go through the reactivation process:

Please also check the email you used to register your software for a free Cubase LE 12 code.

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Hi, Well I’m just trying to get LE4 loaded and running on Win7 (can’t easily upgrade to Win10 due to old interfaces).
I’ve loaded soft e-licenser, but when first running LE4 I get sent to a steinberg website for registration which no longer exists. (
Any suggestions?
I am prepared to buy later Elements, but it would need to be a version running on Win7 - is that possible?