Does Cubase Pro 10.5.21 run smoothly on MacOS Catalina yet?

Does Cubase Pro 10.5.21 run smoothly on MAC Catalina yet?
By smoothly I mean…
-Smooth GUI response without glitching
-Normal 64 bit VST behavior ( no spiking or spinning balls of death, ect )
-Manageable CPU performance comparable to previous ‘stable’ versions
( 10.0.40 seems to be regarded by many in the MAC world as the last stable version for serious production deadline work )

Your experiences greatly appreciated

I get GUI glitches frequently in the MIDI editor window, but easy to fix by wiggling the scroll bar.

Latest Catalina, Late 2018 MBP using onboard dedicated GPU

Krismiller1982, Thanks for the reply, how is the Cubase performance meter on your projects compared to previous versions?

Wouldn’t know about previous, as this is my first time using it. I switched from Ableton/Logic last month… I’ll report back soon. But I am able to use 10 instances of Ozone 9 at a low latency without any audio glitches or slow downs when mixing 16 audio tracks…


-Slow closing of projects
-Slow saving of projects
-Slow GUI

And this on a very fast computer (2019 16 core Mac Pro).

I’ve not had any problems

I have experienced no issues regarding GUI response/glitching when using a decent sized monitor. But, things can get rather cumbersome if using Cubase on a 13" or 15" laptop screen as the components of the GUI aren’t designed for small screens.

64 bit VST behavior is fine assuming you aren’t attempting to load blacklisted or legacy versions of a plugin.

Regarding CPU performance against version 10.0.40 – I find 10.5 to be much better at distributing CPU resources.

*The only glitch outstanding for me, which I experienced after the update to 10.0 on Mojave a few years ago: Cubase very often hangs after closing a project which forces me to “force quit” the program.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

Hi! I think we still have 10.5.12 version.

“gabermusic”. good catch, my typo on this end. SHOULD read Cubase Pro 10.5.12