Does Cubase recognize QWERTY keyboard extra keys for Key Commands?

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Does Cubase recognize QWERTY keyboard extra keys for Key Commands?
My present QWERTY keyboard is starting to show signs of being a little tired so I’m searching before the fact.
I see this QWERTY board with five keys on the left short side named G1-G5.
So if anybody out there has some kind of keyboard like that with a handful of extra keys I’d like to ask if you can use them in Cubase.
Does the Key Command dialog respond if you try to assign those keys to any command and do they work with CTRL, ALT and SHIFT?


Perhaps you mean something like the Corsair keyboards that have extra keys with G1, G2 etc.

I use a Corsair K95 RGB:

The G keys can be programmed in various ways. e.g. they can be assigned to send any standard QWERTY character, with a modifier or even complex macros involving a series of different characters. Works very well with Cubase and I find the RGB aspect quite useful as well.

I kind of lost track of exactly which one it was but it has to be the same manufacturer. But yours have EIGHTEEN KEYS? And it works in Cubase??? Kind of good enough — or more than what I hoped for hehe. It’s even color backlit. I’ve seen some others which have that and I thought that would have more function than just eye candy especially late in the winter nights. I’ve always used cheap ass no budget keyboards but now I just got tired of that concept. This might be what I’m searching for … Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I think it will depend on the individual keyboard.

My Logitech Solar keyboard generates different keystrokes when you hold down the ‘fn’ key, so F1 and F2 are ‘scroll’ and ‘pause’ respectively, and my cheapo USB keyboard has volume up and down keys that Cubase sees also (as Vol up and Vol down), and in both cases they do work with the modifiers.

There’s also a great utility called SharpKeys that you can use to remap keys, though Cubase seems to see everything the keyboard actually sends to the OS as a keystroke. (the media keys, play, rewind etc., on my Logitech are commands sent through the Logitech driver, those are not visible to Cubase)

J-S-Q posted while I wrote. That’s one awesome keyboard!

To give you an example of the RGB possibilities:

When I hit a particular key that I have set up, all the 18 ‘G’ keys switch to a variety of colours. I select a part in the arrange page and whatever colour key I press, that colour will be given to the selected part.

I think they make different sizes of this keyboard and there is one with just 6 ‘G’ keys.

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