Does cubase run bøtter on a faster SSD?

Hi Im considering buying a faster SSD Hard drive and install cubase on it. I already have cubase installed on a SSD with read speed 2500 mbs. The new SSD has a read speed of 7000 mbs. Will it make sense to reinstall cubase on the faster SSD, or will it make more sense using the faster SSD for my sample library,? Thanks

I don’t think installing Cubase on a faster drive will improve performances, once it is loaded then it has nothing to load anymore, you most probably won’t notice any difference, it’s not like if you were upgrading from a super slow mechanical drive. Your 2500 MB/s SSD is already faster than what the OS can process when starting Cubase.

However, putting you projects folder and sample libraries on that faster drive will definitely improve the loading time if they are very large.


Thank you so much. It saves me a lot of trouble….