Does Cubase support MIDI FX?

I am used to Sonar where it was very easy to add and use midi FX.

There are two main reasons I would want to do this:

  1. Adding a bit of “swing” to a quantized track which was easy to do with one of the built in MIDI FX.
  2. Adding a MIDI velocity curve shaper like this one:

How could I do either of these tasks in Cubase Elements 10?



Cubase suports MIDI Inserts.

  1. You can do so directly in Cubase’s Quantize Panel.

  2. You can shape the Velocity curve in Cubase Key Editor, same as you can shape any curves. But not exactly this way, as the linked plug-in.

Thanks Martin. I’ve taken a look at the Quantize Panel and learned a bit about it. It definitely works for a bit of swing but it seems global. Ie. You cannot set the swing on one track different from another.

I browsed Cubase’s site more and found this:

Do you know - is it correct that if I buy Artist (currently using Elements) so I can get this function if I can then put this on each track individually and get different amounts of swing on different tracks?

This article is on Midi Inserts:

But I see nowhere to insert MIDI inserts in Elements. It appears the entire MIDI inserts function is Pro or Artist only, huh?



You can apply quantize individually for any track by using MIDI Insert, or you can just select group of notes and six quantize to this group by using Quantize Panel. You can do this in Cubase Elements too.

It’s not a global settings. The Quantize Panel remembers the last settings, but once you change it, already applied Quantize doesn’t change. It’s like make a setup and then apply.

Btw, iQ is awesome in Cubase Quantize.