Does CubaseSX1 get along with pentium4s(HyperThreaded)?

Need to get another XP tower- my motherboard died and I can get an Dell Optiplex 280at a good price with a P4 HT- any major denormal issues? My vsts are Addictive Drums, SmpleTank 2.5XL, LM4 MK2, VI One (by vir2 (bigfish))- should I be ok? 2gigs ram

I have SX3 on an Asus 2.8 HT CPU with 2 gigs ram, and HT enabled, never had any problems, although I don’t use too many vst’s, mostly audio.

Wow! That’s some old school stuff you got goin!

Back in 03 I believe I had a XP laptop that was a P4 with SX1. I also didn’t use a hell of a lot of VSTs at the time, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Although I CAN confidently say with 2 gigs of ram, I wouldn’t try running more than 4 or 5 VSTi’s simultaneously, especially if you have FX going all over the place.

cool- thanks guys for looking at this!- I think Im gonna go for it