Does Cubasis 3 support Groove Agent 5 SE?

I am interested in Cubasis 3 to have to record on my iPad Pro at any time, and then be able to transport to cubase 10.5 pro.

Is it a two way transfer? Like can you edit/record on Cubasis 3, send to Cubase 10.5 and then back to cubasis?
Does anyone have any experience with the drums? Like I use Groove Agent 5 SE - is there a way to keep “metal drums” or send them back and forth to the vst?

“Load favorite third-party instruments and effects plug-ins via Audio Unit, Audio Unit MIDI, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 3”
This feature is what peaked my interest, and i wanted to know if you can run VST’s from Cubase 10.5 Pro, on the iPad Pro cubasis 3 somehow ^^, obviously smaller VST’s as I read performance depends on the RAM usage ofc???

Thank you


No, it’s one-way: Cubasis > Cubase only.

No you can’t. The plug-ins you use in Cubasis are iOS Audio Units plug-ins, not Windows/Mac VST plug-ins.

Oh ok
Thank you for explaining and answering