Does Cubasis iOS version Score Editor?

I’m looking into finding an app where I can write notes into a score. I understand that the desktop version of Cubase has a score editor. But does the iOS version have it as well? If so, does it work pretty well?

Thanks in advance!

Cubasis does not have score editor.

There is Dorico for IOS.



There is no Cubase for iOS. There is Cubasis for iOS, which doesn’t have a Score Editor.

Cubase (for Mac and Windows) has a Score Editor. Every single Cubase edition (LE, AI, Elements, Artist or Pro) has a different set of features in the Score Editor.

So, are you talking about Cubase or Cubasis, please?

Sorry, I meant Cubasis. Good to know, thanks!

Thank you for the info!

Hi @ajenkins97

This is Lars, managing Cubasis for iOS.

Here you will find more information about Dorico for iPad:

If you have questions, please visit the Dorico forum!

Hope that helps!

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