Does cubasis run on iPhone 6plus?

Does cubasis run on iPhone 6plus? Since it has even a better display then the old iPad mini.

Hi Bodote,

Cubasis does not run on iPhone devices currently.



I’m really hopin’ to see the Cubasis app for iPhone 6 in the AppStore as well.


Thanks for the feedback! Agreed, Cubasis on an iPhone 6 would be very smart.

We have an iPhone version already on the feature list for future upgrades.
Nevertheless please do not expect a rapid release, since (more or less) a full app redesign would be required.

But … it is on the list.


Cubasis on iPhone 6 Plus - nice idea! Hmm… It’s gonna take a bit of work to shrink the UI onto a screen 1/3 the size of an iPad. Hey, how about controlling Cubasis on iPhone with a dedicated remote UI running on an iPad? Hang on a sec, there is an app for that already: it’s called Cubasis. Doh… Just kidding of course. But I do look forward to seeing what Steinberg can come up with:-)

Any updates on this?

MTD and GarageBand are the only, cross platform, apps I can think of at the moment. I don’t think it should be underestimated how much of a selling point this would be. It’s now creeping towards 2017.

Hi anfirmor,

As stated before we constantly monitor the market for additional platforms, resolutions etc.
New versions and/or updates will be announced once these become available.


Just another vote here for an iPhone version of Cubasis. I was pretty disappointed to learn that the iOS support claim for the Tascam iXR does not include the most popular iOS device. The 7 Plus screen is large enough and I’d like to try something besides GarageBand.

+1 Cubasis for iphone
(don’t need full functionally, but multitrack recording + cubase export)

PS: just wanted to buy, but i only have an iphone 6s

Or something which lets you record additional tracks to a current cubase-project

together with a shure mv88, or something similar, this would be a very handy remote recording instruments solution

Thanks for your messages!
We hear you… :slight_smile:


Hello. Just bought an IPhone 7 Plus and use GarageBand IOS. I had hesitations with iPad but chose ultra small factor or 7 plus for ultra mobility and find it’s a very good add to my laptop music production rig. Sure an iPhone Cubasis version should be really excellent!! Any news on that? Can we expect à release before the end of 2017?


iPhone support is on our feature list for future upgrades.
At this moment I can’t give you an estimated time when the feature becomes available.


I know we’re beating a dead horse but on an almost daily basis I wish there was something like cubasis for my iPhone 6s Plus. Gadget ported to iphone and I think there interface is more cluttered than cubasis honestly but people still buy it and it works very easily on a plus phone. Fingers crossed this gets ported. I will immediately buy :crossed_fingers:


Once we have news regarding the topic, we will share it…


Thought I’d share a few workarounds for Cubasis 1.8.2 problems with iOS 7.1.2

Connecting Cubasis on the input and output slot of Audiobus (re-sample heaven two days ago) no longer works. Nasty noises that sound quite mechanical result - if I find a way of hooking up some app into the loop I may be able to sample this and get something heavy and industrial going. Workaround: sample into another app in the output slot (Master Record for example) and then import back into Cubasis.

Having Cubasis in the input slot and running any IAA instrument and trying to record into an app in the output slot fails. No sound from the IAAs. Workaround: freeze the IAA tracks first and the audio then plays out fine.

Mixing down audio between locators. If you uncheck the option to include effect tails, Cubasis has other ideas and is clearly convinced you really want the added step in your workflow of opening the export in yet another app and trimming the tails manually. So it kindly ignores your obvious mistake and includes the tails for you. Workaround: smoke cigarette, drink coffee, resist urge to stamp on iPad and trim the tail in AudioShare. EDIT: the button function has just been reversed, check to include the tails and they don’t get included in the mixdown.

Tera synth now fails in the IAA slot. Workaround: works ok in Audiobus with a separate MIDI track.

I’ll add more as I discover them, for the benefit of the Luddites among us.