Does D5 retain the previous layout on each page after inserting pages in the middle of a project?

Dear users and developers,

If you insert a page between pages 10 and 11, the layout from page 11 to the end according to the old pagination will not be carried over to the next pages. So the layouts on the pages after the inserted page 11, which is now page 12 according to the updated pagination, have to be rearranged manually on a page-by-page basis. The same happens if you change the order of the flows. What about Dorico 5?

I don’t believe there’s been any changes in this area.

I am sure that, when this capability has been added to an upgrade, the promo for the upgrade will make no secret of it. As you probably know, this has been requested many times.

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If I remember correctly, inserting pages will cause subsequent page format changes to be pushed back by the number of pages you inserted. This may or may not be exactly what you’re hoping for, depending on the specific reasons for your inserted pages and/or whether those inserted pages start with the frames from a page template (remembering of course that inserting a page using a page template =/= inserting a page template change; inserted pages are always treated as red-triangle page overrides, and won’t get updated if you later edit the page template they started with).

If one adds a page, applies a special template to it (I am thinking primarily of pages with a separate flow or a text-only/title-page template) will the formatting of successive pages remain intact when one removes the override for the added pages?

Should do, provided that page has some type of page format change on it that locks it in place. And come to think of it, I think format changes that got shunted back when you inserted pages actually stay in their new locations even if you later remove earlier overrides (I’m away from Dorico right now so I can’t double-check though).

@Lillie_Harris Thank you! As for inserting pages in Dorico 4, I had the wrong idea.
However, changing the order of the flows still ruins the layouts!

How did you get the arrangement of flows in the first picture? If it was by dragging staves/systems up and down in Engrave mode, then yes those adjustments are liable to be deleted if the page number for those systems changes. See the note marked “important” at the start of this page in the manual:

By contrast, if you used a combination of custom page templates with different sized music frames on them (e.g. with the top of the music frame start lower on the page to use for flow 3) and adjusting the vertical justification settings (if you don’t want flows to spread across the full height of the page), those changes are more easily adjustable and moveable to other pages.

tl;dr – try to treat dragging staves/systems around in Engrave mode as a cherry-on-the-cake, final tweaking stage for formatting, rather than the meat and potatoes of how you get music where you want it.


What does tl;dr mean?

“too long; didn’t read”


Thank you very much! I understand your opinion and the point of view of the developers. However, I use Dorico not only for notation, but also for composition and sketching. So sometimes the steps you have illustrated are not applicable.

Can’t imagine what that’s like :wink:

In all seriousness, work however you like: but there are some pros/cons to different tools in different contexts, and it’s good to be aware of those so you can work in a reliable method for your own workflow.