does diggi 003 rack work with cubase 8

Hi All
New here, a pro tools 11 user, I am thinking of maybe be crossing over to cubase and as I have already got a 003 rack I was wondering if the digi will work with cubase 8 with out any dramas.


If it has ASIO drivers it should work, but I haven’t used Cubase with this interface so I will move this thread to the general forum where it might be seen by a user with your same setup.

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My 002r works fine although that may not be a good indicator of success for your 003r…

The only issue I seem to have with Cubase in particular (as opposed to Reaper/Live/S1) is my midi keyboard which is connected to the 002r midi port and doesn’t stay connected to Cubase. I have to go into the Device Setup every time I open
Cubase and uncheck/check the In checkbox for 002r Midi. Sometimes I have do to so mid-project… Kind of annoying but it’s not the end of the world.

This is on Win7x64