Does Dorico allow editing the tempo?

I have been trying to work out how in 3/2 Time signature I can have just Minim equals ( ). And not one of the provided tempos as these all seem to count in crotchets and a fast tempo in crotchets just to get the minims sounding right will give the wrong basis for interpreting the piece. Thanks in advance for the help.

You can write things like h=90 or 7=90 in the tempo popover. (h for half note, accordingly w for whole, q for quarter, e for eighth; 7 relates to the keys you press during note input to specify the duration.)

Thanks, I will look for that, though it would be helpfull if I could edit the tempo scripts themselves. Cheers

In Write mode, select the tempo mark and open the Properties panel at the bottom of the screen (shortcut Ctrl-8 on Windows or the equivalent on Macs). You can edit the tempo there, and change (or even hide completely) the way it is displayed.